5 Topics I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About This Week, Including "One Size Fits All" Clothing

Would you take on any of these?
Publish date:
January 3, 2015
porn, Cancer, stories, teen suicide, Street Voyeurs, British Vogue

Here are 5 topics that lovely editors Emily and Lesley suggested as launching off points for posts this week. Maybe all of our regular contributors were doing holiday things instead, but no one even responded to their sweet emails about these. Are they that bad?

Scientists stated that some types of cancer are developed due to “bad luck.”

Buzzfeed produced a video of women trying on “one size fits all” clothing pieces.

Teen committed suicide due to issues with transgender identity and disapproval from parents.

British Vogue puts its first black model on its cover in 12 years.

A creep in D.C. is filming women on the streets for his porn site.

Were any of those interesting enough to even click on? To read through? Do you want to contribute here (if so, send pitches topitches@xojane.com)? Have you had any experience with weirdos filming you on the street? Let's hear.