12 Things I Couldn't Get Anybody To Write About This Week

Which would you like us to write about? Or which do you want to write yourself (personal experience with the topic and willingness to spill all your intimate details a plus)?
Publish date:
August 17, 2012

I am not in the office on this sweet Saturday. This is a picture of me from a few months ago just because posts look better with some accompanying art.

I hope you are out having lovely weekends! If not, enjoy!

Oral sex cures morning sickness -CBS

Nike Gold Digger shirt -HuffPo

Can somebody try this acupuncture facelift thing? -GMA

Model sues Volvo for making her look like an escort -DNAinfo

Women's basketball coach says there are "no feminists" on his team - Blisstree

Anna Wintour on how her first cover model had to wear jeans 'cause she gained weight - New York Magazine

Binge eating a big problem for men - New York Times

The "now she won't die pathetic and alone" angle of coverage of my old pal/Sassy model Jen Aniston's engagement. -The Frisky

J crew's fall fashion campaign features super stylish non-models -WWD

ZOMG we have to get the Snooki lipstick -InStyle

Are babies immoral? -CBS

The scientific appeal of blonde hair Discovery