13 Stories We Didn’t Write About, But That You Might Want to Comment On, Including the Over-the-Counter Drug That’s Making You a Sociopath

Plus, how many years did it take to defeat slavery? You and Heidi Cruz might disagree.
Publish date:
May 15, 2016
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Whenever I'm reading through your comments on OT, which is what Amber and I call those Weekend Open Threads, I'm interested in the topics you bring up that were big in the news, as well as things that were not big enough in the news that maybe should've been. So then when working on TK (what Amber and I call this column — other editors among you might be able to guess why that is), we are trying to do the same thing you do there by raising a bunch of topics you might want to talk about, as you do so well, but that we were remiss in not covering here during the week.

So now without further introduction, here are thirteen wide-ranging and (some) pretty wild stories from many a news sector available on the internet. Thirteen topics that we didn’t cover, but that you might want to comment on, so to speak:

Jodie Foster is tired of male filmmakers relying on the played-out rape-as-motivation trope. [Variety]

A new study published in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience suggests that an active ingredient in acetaminophen inhibits empathy. [The Washington Post]

The Louisiana Senate is reviewing a “Blue Lives Matter” bill that would classify violence against emergency medical technicians police, and fire fighters as hate crimes. [Jezebel]

An Alabama billboard was hacked this week and, for a brief, exhilarating time, featured doctored photos of Marco Rubio eating penis candy. [Motherboard]

George Zimmerman's auction of the gun he used to execute unarmed teen Trayvon Martin is live again after being pulled from GunBroker.com. The highest bids (some are made by online trolls, but some appear legitimate) are around 65 million dollars. [USA Today]

While some members of the film industry are standing by Woody Allen, Susan Sarandon is pulling no punches, stating that "he sexually assaulted a child and I don’t think that’s right. I have nothing good to say about him." [Variety]

100 women have signed up to pose naked at an upcoming Republican National Convention. [The Slot]

The BBC rounded up seven vile things you never wanted to (but probably should) know about the human body including the dangers of picking your nose and the horrible truth about belly button lint. [BBC]

Heidi Cruz compared her husband’s presidential campaign to slavery, which (according to Mrs. Cruz) “took 25 years to defeat.” [CNN]

The makers of the “unflinching” upcoming Paris Hilton documentary are calling the businesswoman, heiress, and reality TV star, “a modern day Marilyn Monroe.” [Celebitchy]

Azealia Banks’s Twitter account has been suspended, causing some to question, “why hasn’t @realDonaldTrump been suspended yet?" [Salon]

The New York Times published a long and accurate account of Donald Trump’s history of misogyny and Donald Trump is pissed. [Gawker]

Here are the latest details on the Clueless musical. [InStyle]

Whatever you think, be it good, bad, incensed or indifferent, about these thirteen stories, is welcome right here in the comments. And, if you're inspired to say anything at all (good, bad, incensed, or indifferent), that isn't about these thirteen stories, Open Thread is still wide open and ready for you. Wherever you want to comment, I'll see you there.