11 Stories I Couldn't Get Anyone to Write About, Including How Facebook Is Making You Depressed

It's hard to wrangle your writers when you're out of the country. It's even harder when they're being interviewed on the Nightly Show.
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February 7, 2015
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This week, I got back from spending a lovely little overnight in the Toronto airport (if that "pilot" who was also waiting and told me our flight would definitely take off in spite of Juno hadn't been so damn cute, maybe I wouldn't have listened to his dumbo advice).

Then our very wonderful weekend editor, Marianne Kirby, was a guest on Comedy Central's The Nightly Show (she nailed it, just like we all knew she would). Before filming, she came into our Times Square office for a chat and an impromptu photo opt:

It was wonderful to see one of our remote xoJane family members, and we were all a bit distracted from our regular duties. I kept telling her how cute she was, which was wildly inappropriate, but I couldn't restrain myself.

So, this week's link roundup has eleven stories that our editors didn't snatch off our listserv call for articles. Would you have picked any of these up? Would you have braved a NYC snow storm to hang out with us in Times Square?

Brace yourselves. Winter is coming (back in a new Frozen animated short). [HuffPo]

Marvel is launching an all-female Avengers comic! [io9]

Rashida Jones' woman-positive porn documentary has been picked up by Netflix. [Deadline]

People are worried about Iggy Azalea taking home a Grammy for Best Rap Album on Sunday. [Vulture]

Facebook depression is a real thing and it's hurting women. [Hello Giggles]

The campaign to boycott 50 Shades of Grey has been launched. [TIME]

1,500 Cleveland police officers have been fitted with body cams in response to the tragic killing of Tamir Rice. [Los Angeles Times]

Zoey Tur is the first transgender national news correspondent!* [The Wrap]

'Selma' Star David Oyelowo speaks out about Hollywood's race isssue. [Hollywood Reporter]

The University of Vermont has rejected binary gender identities for its students! [HelloGiggles]

The authenticity of Brian Williams' reporting continues to be questioned. [HuffPo]

* She also saved the lives of 54 people during a freak Southern California storm in January of 1988. With a helicopter. Through 60-knot winds. With zero visibility.

Talk about these dozen missed opportunities or just talk to each other. Happy Saturday, everyone.