12 Stories I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About, Including The Most Overrated Sex Acts.

Would you be willing to take on any of these?
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December 6, 2014

As I sit here looking out at the same view I have had for 20 years now, through about five different moves. I'm thinking about how I never wanted to live in Manhattan. And now I am, I guess, a New Yorker. How did that happen? Where do you live and how do you identify yourself?

Oh whoops, this isn't that rambly thing I write every week called Open Thread. This is that thing we internally call, TK things. Ok. What did you do this week? I'll tell you what our writers did NOT do. Write any of the following stories:

Girl Scout cookies now available online. [Hello Giggles]

Mobile phones are turning us into clingy lovers.[Daily Mail]

Women proves men are superficial on tinder or something?[Daily Mail]

The friendship divide -- are you coupled with single friends and vice versa? [Hello Giggles]

Most long-distance couples who move to be together don't make it. [NY Mag]

Mean boys are just as common as mean girls. [NY Mag]

Its now more socially acceptable for men to diet than women. [NY Mag]

Can we stop applauding actresses who "Go ugly" for a role? [The Frisky]

Most overrated sex acts. [The Frisky]

Feminists artists at this year's art basel. [Hello Giggles]

Crowdsourcing a word for female masturbation. [Refinery 29]

Rosario Dawson adopted an older child. [Refinery 29]

Any you wish we had covered? Or send your way-better ideas for things YOU want to write about to pitches@xojane.com. We LOVE having you writers become xoJane writers through this very simple process.