11 Topics I Couldn’t Get Anyone To Write About This Week, Including ANOTHER Florida Problem

Also, would you attend a class to become the next Beyoncé?
Publish date:
August 2, 2014

First thing: We are looking to bring on a couple of new regular writers who can cover politics and current events in smart, compelling, accessible ways. If you are interested, email lesley@xojane.com.

I've been wanting to expand our coverage of internationally impactful events for a long time, as has Lesley, and we are really determined to make it happen.

Let's see, what else: Speaking of Lesley, she emailed our EditorsXO list with her usual smart suggestions this week, but these lucky-number-11 below went uncovered. What do you think of them?

Also feel free to use this page to talk to me about random general questions and requests, as you do, because this is where I spend my weekends and I like to hear from you whether off-topic or not. So hijack away, if inclined. XO