9 Things I Couldn't Get Anyone to Write About

Happy workers, good vibes, and the stuff they were too lazy to do.
Publish date:
January 12, 2013

We've had a very happy and exciting week here at xoJane-HQ. Two new cult members started on Monday, Marci and Annie. Welcome them!

And as usual, see below for the topics that slipped between the cracks due to of all the happy chaos and new good vibes at HQ. Which articles are you sad to see we skipped?

How to tell someone they can't come to your wedding.

Women would rather be dumped than weigh themselves.

Friendship counseling.

My ex posted revenge porn photos of me.

How to parent girls.

It's not your fault he cheated.

Gym shamer app humiliates you if you fail to check in for exercise.

Oh my god, a boob blogger.

Teachers let personal feelings affect grades.

Have your weekend!