11 Stories We Didn't Write About, But That You Might Want To Comment On, Including How Kim Davis Ambushed The "Cool Pope"

"Stuff happens." - Jeb Bush
Publish date:
October 4, 2015
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I've been thinking (while sneezing and coughing and drinking cups of tea with five different types of medicinal tea bags in them, for the reason I mentioned in open thread), that it might be time to change this bushel of links Amber rounds up every week on topics we didn't write about, but that you might want to comment on.

(Which also generally means: stuff Amber and I have been talking about and really want to talk with you about.)

Remember xoNews? Should we bring that back? What I mean is: would you rather read about these topics as they happen throughout the week? Or wait until Sunday and see them all laid before you like a depressing/hopeful/disastrous parade of people folly at a time when you might have more time to lie back and discuss them?

Yes. I just typed folly. I am sick. Here we go:

Activists in Syria believe that Russian airstrikes are intended to send a message to the United States. [Buzzfeed]

In response to questions about the Umpqua Community College shootings, Jeb Bush declared that "stuff happens," and then doubled down, claiming his phrasing "wasn’t a mistake. I said exactly what I said." [Salon]

Flash floods on the French Riviera, declared a natural disaster this weekend, have taken at least 16 lives, and left over 70,000 people without electricity. [Reuters UK]

Hope Solo is again facing domestic violence charges. [Deadspin]

It is speculated that "cool Pope" Francis was sabotaged (AKA ratfu^ked) into meeting with Kim Davis. [Salon]

22 people are dead after a a U.S. airstrike bombed a clinic in Afghanistan run by Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). [Buzzfeed]

Meryl Streep is not a feminist (says Meryl Streep). [Celebitchy]

David W. Landersman, a senior pentagon intelligence official, has been indicted on charges of theft and conspiracy for his part in illegal weapons deal. [The Washington Post]

Amber Rose was joined by hundreds of women for her L.A. Slut Walk. [LA Times]

Ian Mercer, father of Chris Harper Mercer, calls for stricter gun control. [CNN]

Melania Trump seems unenthused about her husband's presidential future. [Celebitchy]

What do you think of these happenings? What do you think of this selection of happenings and what do you think we left out? What do you think of the state of this world? Talk about it all here.