11 Stories We Didn't Write About, But that You Might Want to Comment On, Including Another Duggar Wedding and the Latest Snowden vs. WikiLeaks War

Publish date:
July 31, 2016
News Roundup, Weekly News Round Up

It’s been a political week, and it wouldn’t be a true news roundup if I didn’t include some articles about the future (or certain doom?) of this country. Don’t despair — or do and pour out your feelings in the comments — though! We’ve also got the Duggars (which historically is the topic that elicits the most comments whenever it is featured in this roundup, so you know). Plus something on why you’re not allowed to tweet about this year’s summer Olympics and a truly bizarre human hair accessory story which took up a big chunk of our Slack channel because how can a hair necklace not make you twitchy yet eager to talk about it?

After just one month of official courting, Jinger Duggar (the sixth eldest of 19 Duggar children) is engaged to ex-pro soccer player Jeremey Vuolo. [People]

British designer Kerry Howley’s latest jewelry collection is a human hair necklace line called “Attraction/Aversion.” [PSFK]

Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks clashed on Twitter this week over the DNC email leaks. [NYT]

Cockroach milk is the newest protein craze. Would you drink it? [CNN]

After rumors about her college education started swirling, Melania Trump's website has mysteriously disappeared. [Celebitchy]

Did First Lady Michelle Obama throw shade at Donald Trump? Shade Court investigates. [Jezebel]

For reasons they cannot explain, men are deeply affected by Hillary Clinton's "not so attractive" voice. [The Slot]

The United States Olympic Committee has sent threatening letters to to companies and non-sponsored athletes, warning them against using any “official” trademarked phrases on social media, including #Rio2016 and #TeamUSA. Read the whole letter, via ESPN, here. [The Guardian]

The NFL has the receipts to prove that the organization did not, in fact, ask Donal Trump not participate in debates that conflicted with this Fall's football schedule. [Deadspin]

The number of children in the US who have died this year after being left in hot cars rose to 21 this week following the death of a toddler in Texas. [CNN]

Journalists at the DNC want to know, "Why aren't we talking about Michael Bloomberg's long history of sexism?" [Gawker]

Will you be defiantly tweeting about the Olympics? Have you ever knotted your hair into something resembling a necklace? How many of the sentences in this article have been questions, and is the number too many? Just kidding, just ignore me, and get rowdy, discouraged, or excited about these or any other stories circulating in the world, the internet, and the ether.