10 Things I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About

The collective xo-resolution for 2013: Be EVEN lazier.
Publish date:
January 5, 2013

This is me looking delighted, because I truly love my cult of xoJaners even though they are très disobedient. This week was short, short, short. Yes, we worked through the holidays, including on New Year's Eve, but most of us worked from home and I suspect this is why these guys were extra slothful, out of my eagle-eyesight, and maybe that explains this large number of leftover topics. I hope your first weekend of 2013 is treating you well. What are you up to and which of these topics would you like to read about?

Will "Le Miz" tear this couple apart?

Anybody willing to try a stiletto workout?

I'm very interested in this new "body waver".

Taking vacations by yourself?

Hanging out with friends with kids

What's the big deal about 2 bjs in one day?

Who wants to try the 8-hour diet?

Lena Dunham fans throw shade at her for liking Taylor Swift -- IRONY IS OVER.

Navy launches weird anti bath salts PSA.

I guess all babies get ipads now?