10 Stories I Couldn't Get Anyone To Write About This Week, Including Denim Against Arkansas's Religious Freedom Law

Plus: Zoe Kravitz, Michelle Bachmann, and the Bikram dude.
Publish date:
April 4, 2015
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While the world has been a cold, dark place this week, it warms my heart up -- just a wee bit -- to see so many people taking a stand like they are in many of these ten stories. These are the topics we didn't write about but did g-chat and hang over cubicles to talk to each other about this week:

Zoe Kravitz opens up about her struggles with eating disorders. [Page Six]

New mandatory water use restrictions have been put in place in California. [CNN]

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson calls for changes to the Religious Freedom Bill. [Time]

A terrorist group is claiming responsibility for the deadly attack on Kenyan University. [Gawker]

A Colorado Uber driver attempted to break into a woman's home after dropping her off. [LA Times]

American Apparel's new CEO is making changes and not everyone is happy. [Jezebel]

Bikram Yoga founder denies decades of sexual assault allegations. [CNN]

10 brands including GAP, Honey Maid, and NASCAR are taking a stand against Arkansas. [Bustle]

The Amazon 'Dash Button' launch has got people asking questions. [The New York Times]

Michelle Bachmann compared Obama to the Germanwings Co-Pilot on Facebook. [Bustle]

What do you think of these stories or the world today or the state of the human condition? Talk to me, talk to each other, and make the most of your weekend.