10 Stories We've Written About, But You Still Might Want to Comment On, Including Alton, Philando, Lorne, Michael K., Michael L., Brent, and Patrick

Some things are worth saying over and over again.
Publish date:
July 10, 2016
politics, protests, police violence, Weekly News Round Up, Black Lives Matter

As I said in Open Thread, there are times when you just need to be heard, supported, and reminded that you are important. With that in mind, here are ten stories that we did write about, but that you still might be fighting through, grieving, or facing alone. These stories are opinion pieces, their writers having given a piece of themselves to an unknown audience in the midst of tragedy. Their voices are important. And so are yours.

The Days After: A Nation Reacts To The Week's Violence. [NPR]

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The NRA’s internal split over Philando Castile [WashPo]

DeRay McKesson Arrested During Baton Rouge Black Lives Matter Protest [HuffPo]

The 2nd Amendment Is So White: What the Past 24 Hours Have Taught Me About Black People’s Right to Bear Arms [The Root]

Obama says U.S. 'not as divided as some have suggested' [CNN]

To White Liberals That Don't Care... [Racebaitr]

Is America Repeating the Mistakes of 1968? [The Atlantic]

In Week of Emotional Swings, Police Face a Dual Role: Villain and Victim [NYT]

Dallas Police Chief on Robot Bomb: I'd Do It Again [Politico]