10 Stories We Didn't Write About, but That You Might Want to Comment on, Including a Sequel to Making a Murderer

Plus, the discovery of an adorable new species!
Publish date:
March 6, 2016
Jane, Ashley Graham, News Roundup, Ted Cruz, Making A Murderer

Sometimes, I get news that's so *insert any old hyperbole here* that I make a face (the kind I would never ever want to become permanently frozen on). At least one of these ten stories that we didn't write about this week, but that you might want to comment on, were face-making worthy for me. How about you?

Caitlyn Jenner "likes" Ted Cruz and wants to be his "trans ambassador" should he be elected President of the United States. [Slate]

Ashley Graham has some words for Cheryl Tiegs' concern-trolling. [E Online]

Making a Murderer is closer than ever to getting a sequel. [Variety]

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan passed away today at the age of 94. [Jezebel]

Scientists have an answer for the the age old question, "why does it hurt so much to step on a lego?" [TIME]

Double amputee Stacy Paris is breaking into modeling after losing both her legs to a flesh-eating parasite. [People]

A tiny translucent octopus that may or may not be a new species is a dead ringer for the ghost emoji. [NBC]

A recent study suggests that not being well-rested is responsible for snack cravings. [Lifehacker]

Jenny Beavan has spoken out about the chilly reception she received when taking the stage to accept her Academy Award. [Celebitchy]

Robin Wright told Harper's Bazaar that you don't "have to be bitch" to be powerful. [Evening Standard]

Talk about any of these ten or a million other stories, make ten (or a million) faces, and leave a million (or ten) comments below.