10 Stories We Didn't Write About, But That You Might Want to Comment On, Including Zoe Saldana vs. Her Critics

What "trusted" news sources do you actually trust?
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June 19, 2016
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Given all that's happened this week and all that continues to happen, this weekly news roundup needs no introduction. Everything and anything you may have to say about these ten stories is welcome here. Know that you are supported, that your thoughts and opinions are valued, and that, wherever you are, this is a place where you can talk freely about the world we live in.

According to a new study, none of us will ever, ever forget the horrible things that happened to us in high school, thanks to the "reminiscence bump." [Salon]

After 22-year-old Noah Galvin's very candid (and very critical) interview with Vulture went viral, his show (ABC’s The Real O’Neals) was almost cancelled. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Apple has removed a rifle emoji from its long awaited Unicode 9.0 update. [Buzzfeed]

Today on CBS's Face the Nation, Donald Trump said "profiling is something that we're going to have to start thinking about as a country," and called the destructive, legally-sanctioned practice "not the worst thing." [CNN]

Girl Scout cookie-flavored cupcake mix is a thing that exists and is coming soon to a grocery store near you. [Jezebel]

Zoe Saldana clapped back at her critics in a recent Allure interview. [Allure]

Turns out, urine is not at all sterile. [Vitals]

Anderson Cooper, who didn't pull punches with Florida's Attorney General during a live CNN interview, took her to task again when she claimed he'd "set her up." [Celebitchy]

Smash Mouth keeps fighting with people who think they only had one hit song — and that it only appeared in Shrek — on Twitter. [Gawker]

Scientists estimate that over 25% of Puerto Rico's population could be affected by Zika this year alone. [Buzzfeed]

Now, give your honest thoughts, opinions, beliefs, or oppositions to these ten stories, because it's your world, your news, and your comment thread.