You're The Advice Columnist!

And if you want free excellent help, here is where to get it.
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June 20, 2013
You Are The Advice Columnist, open thread, advice

Again, your idea.

We are starting a new open-thread-type thing here at where you guys can ask each other for help with whatever big or minor issues you are grappling with. You all have been suggesting this in the comments for a while and here you (finally) go! AND here I am with a shining light behind me to signify all of the enlightening words of wisdom you are about to give each other. So if there is anything at all you want help with, send it to and say what the dilemma is. You can be anonymous or not -- up to you.

We will post your questions here promptly and regularly (I'm thinking we will post one a day, but let's see how it goes) and the rest of you can chime in with advice, as you always do so well.

I'm really excited about this.