Your Tattoo Ideas To Fill In These Frames?

Publish date:
April 30, 2013

Happy Tuesday from back on the bus. We are leaving our off-site at thefabulous Mohegan Sun (boy, do I love that pumped-in oxygen) where Igot tospend good time with some fellow editors -- like my old friend Anaheedfrom Rookiemag (on the right here) and Faith from thekitchn (in themiddle). And Janine from Dogster and Catster who has a question foryou:

How should she fill in the frames on her calves? She really doesn'tknow what she is going to put there and is looking for suggestions.Notice the framed owl on her arm as a source of inspiration,if you like. And pleeeeease take note of the amazingdog-drawings-print fabric of her dress, just because it's amazing.

So what would you put in there if these were your legs? We arecurious. Plus, we are on the bus so have plenty of time. PLUS Janinejust fell asleep while I was writing this, so you can really go crazywith your ideas now.