Your notes make my days

Publish date:
August 5, 2012

Today's emails include this sweet one from Lindsey in Birmingham, AL, a warning from one of you about my Scientology sauna, plus two of you recounting your awesomely weird dreams from last night, which took place at xoJane HQ and which I was lucky enough to be in (sorry I was the one to tell you about your boyfriend, Dawn!). I am working this weekend because I got slowed down by all those flume rides last week where I couldn't access my phone for the duration of the rides (aargh -- make this thing waterproof, would you? And less heat sensitive so it won't give me that temperature warning when I take it in said sauna with me. Thank you!). What are y'all up to this Sunday, besides providing me with lovely work breaks via your sweet and funny emails?