You rule

Publish date:
August 21, 2012

I must check this page a couple hundred times a day -- the list of stories on xoJane that are getting the most traffic at any given moment. Emily does this too.

I have never watched the stock market, but I imagine that the highs and lows I get from this are similar to what traders (is that what they're called?) must feel. It is also addictive in that it takes a higher overall number to satisfy me every time.

What I love: when the story I'm most proud of is also the one the most of you are seeing. And sharing with each other. Like now.

Thank you, Shauna, for your story. And thank YOU for reading.

PS Yes, I not only allowed a portmanteau in a recurring headline -- I suggested it. Madeline and Corynne kept saying it until it sounded cute to me, I think. Also, Corynne swears I used the phrase Hot Topics in content meeting the other day, but I refuse to accept that.