You Are Not Dumb

Publish date:
July 2, 2012

I am actually in the office for our staff meeting today for the firsttime in 2 weeks and there's nothing like sitting around thatconference room table with the rest of the xoJane editorial staff(including Emily, who is not supposed to be here but snuck in todayanyway) with that speaker phone in the middle featuring contributorsand a lovely reader, brainstorming (equals talking about personalthings that are not even tangentially work-related and then maybeturning them into post or gallery ideas for the site). I would love tohave you on the call today.I also like being here physically for these meetings cause on thatspeaker phone you can't DOMINATE properly when calling in remotely.And god knows I like to talk about myself a lot.It's at 2 pm ET today.And I won't call any of your ideas or input dumb. (That was just sothere would be a tie-in to the visual here -- but I do think it isimportant to never say anything about yourself that you wouldn't sayabout your child or pet. And this assumes you are not abusive tochildren or pets. I am going to give you other examples of this whenI'm not on my touchscreen.)Also: have my period.Also: [erased this -- will tell you on the call instead]If you have your period or are willing to tell me when you did ordidn't have it last, or why making this period reference is just belowus all, let me know here so that we can give you the dial-in number.Ramble with you soon!