You are fascinating

Publish date:
April 2, 2012

I'm on my way to Sirius XM (channel 107, if you want to listen -- you can listen to Howard first on 100 and then switch to me at 11 am, if you like that sort of thing, as I do).

And I had an idea. You can talk amongst yourselves (as you so often do here via my phone posts, and I love that you do). Dusty, Wendy, Marissa, Traci of course, sweet Megan Walker, luna, wonderful xobolaji, all of you I'm not naming here 'cause I'm typing in the back of a cab, can call into 1-888-4-102-102 and I can put you all on together (well, I can take up to six calls at a time) and we can talk about the same rambly stuff we talk about here, like who else kept waking up and had really weird dreams last night and who else has been farted on or farted on someone else recently, but this way WE CAN HEAR EACH OTHERS' VOICES while we do it. Exciting stuff!!

I also live/love to give you advice so please please call me with that too. I will be there in my studio with my little phone just hoping to talk to you from 11 am - 1 pm ET. Can't wait.