How that Yahoo Hacking is Affecting Me Personally

Publish date:
December 16, 2016

I mean, I like Cora (who the hell is Cora?) and all, but not in this way. I've received about 200 of these types of emails, as well as lots of solicitations for money, since that first wave of Yahoo hackings was announced. That's what I get for not wanting to change my first-ever personal email address from the Yahoo one I've had since like the beginning of the internet.

So now is the part where I try to parlay this into a conversation I can get going with you all, because that is really the basis for everything that I ever post on this site. So let's see, two semi-related conversation-starter questions on this could be:

A) How security minded are you? (I'm very not and my friends always give me a hard time about it.)

B) When was the last time you were solicited for sex and was your response "no way" or "Hell, yes!"?Answer one or both below or tell me what you'd rather talk about here and now.

PS This was supposed to go up yesterday, but glitches. So maybe save all the good juicy stuff you were going to say here that is not related to these topics for the Open Thread comments, because that is going up at five today as usual and, I know it's holiday party season and all, but that would be like two cocktail parties for the same group of friends going on simultaneously at two different locations, you know? We might miss out on good stuff that we could overhear or might have to repeat our stories again in a new location, god forbid. So I'll see you guys at five unless you're so moved to talk about security or sex issues right now. Love you