Cher, Beyonce, Mariah and Grumpy Cat. And who are you hanging out with this fine day?
Publish date:
March 10, 2014

I'm down here at SXSW in Austin and, right before our panel Saturday, I got to hold Grumpy Cat, which was pretty darn exciting. Mandy also embarrassed me by calling out "Mr. Cuban!" across the Green Room to Mark Cuban (who??) and asking if he would take a picture with me, which he did. Mandy!

Then the highlight of the visit so far by far is where Olivia and I are right now: At the awesome home of xoJane reader Danielle with her friend Gaila and Danielle's chickens, Mariah, Cher and Beyoncé (that's Cher in my arms above, right before she yelled at me). This is the best. Hope your Mondays are also special.

P.S. After our party tonight, Rebecca, Olivia, Mandy and I are likely not sleeping, because we have to leave for the airport something like two hours after the party ends. What do you think? Better to nap from 2-4 am or skip it? We do have to work tomorrow. xo