An XO Guessing Game!

How many of these Blind Items can YOU guess correctly? Hint: the pool of people you are choosing from is not all that big ....
Publish date:
December 17, 2013

When I got into the office this morning, I only made it two steps toward the kitchen to get my tea before being stopped by my lovely crew of xo staffers, who were all just full of gossip. So here it is, without the names attached, because you may be bored at work and in the mood to make some guesses below. Why not? (Oh, thanks to one staffer in particular for writing these for me Page-Six-style, because she used to work there and knows how that's done.)

Which xo staffer sneaks into the office after hours a few times a week, goes into the clubhouse, and shuts the door? We have no idea what she's doing in there. Sometimes she brings a friend along.

Which contributor encouraged some of her online fans to send her racy things at the xoJane office -- even though she has never been here and we've never met her in person! Some of the staff was concerned about what and who might show up here.

Which staffer has sent out emails more than once pretending to be on assignment to try out a new sex toy -- when there actually was no such assignment. Or sex toy.

Which normally composed and tough as nails xoJane staffer broke down and cried for the first time at work?

Which editor is freaking out that she won't have an office when we move to a new building? And what is she afraid she won't be able to do without a door to close?

And now for a wholesome one written by me: Which staffer do I most think about getting a compliment from when I get dressed in the morning? She tried to get me to go to a sample sale with her last week, but I was not about to do that, so she took the cash I had on me and bought me two awesome shirts with it, one of which I am proudly wearing today. Wheeeeee!