Working From Everywhere, Part 32,479

Publish date:
October 23, 2012
traveling, digiday

Jane's Phone (yes, this very phone I'm holding while obnoxiouslyreferring to myself in 3rd person) hasn't been working properly.Meaning I can't see what you are telling me to wear in the comments(going naked until I get confirmation) and sorry you haven't been ableto comment here. It's being fixed!

So I won't ask you a question here and will just report in that I'm inFlorida at the Digiday Publishing Summit and this is as close as Ihave gotten to the beach. As my old pal Christina Kelly will attest,not a lot has changed from when we went to Florida for Spring Breakfor a story for Sassy magazine and I kept bringing the stories I wasediting to the beach instead of beach reading. I'm obsessed, then andnow.

Hello, that was boring. It is so hard not being able to talk WITH you.Ok, enjoy the rest of the site and xo.