Wish my grandma a happy 105th birthday...

Publish date:
March 17, 2012

And she will give you tips for living a long and healthy and happy life. Seriously, she has it so together. Friends, family, great health, a sharp memory, lots of laughter. The only thing that doesn't exist is a manufactured card for someone turning 105, thus the table of cards referring to happy 95's and 10's.

She got a note from Obama at 103 but not yet this year -- maybe he is a little busy. We were relieved she never got one from GW.

Anyway, I love her so much. She is beautiful. And if you would, please wish Lillian Marks a happy birthday here. And feel free to ask her any questions you have and she will answer them. She is very open. (She has also written some awesome IHTMs and she and I are deciding which to publish first.)

Happy birthday, Grandma!