Winner Of My Fancy Sunglasses Contest!

Publish date:
August 15, 2011

Congrats to Sara Melanson, who won the contest where you had to guess who the mystery man in this picture was. He is my wonderful Pilates instructor, Daniel Lyon Jr. at RealPilatesNYC. Sara, expect this package in the mail soon: a pair of chic, silver Dior sunglasses that used to be mine. I loved them so much that I was waiting to wear them when I wouldn't trash them like I often do with nice things, thus the label is still on them. I couldn't find the case they came in, so I put them in my favorite Coach glasses case, which was hard to part with but is good because it's super-high quality leather and strong, in case you are tough on clothes and accessories as I am. (You should see how much I beat up my shoes. I never understand people who don't wear out their shoes. What's up with that?) Hope you don't care too much about being matchy-matchy. Thanks to everyone for all of your funny and smart guesses. I have in fact walked down the street with at least 100 folks on your list of guesses, so you were amazingly close for the most part (I don't know Colin Farrell.)

Now enter my next giveaway, if you are so inclined.