WIll You Please Call Us?

We are all melting here from the heat, so our staff meeting today should be even juicier than usual. Join us??
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July 17, 2013
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It is super melty here.

Let's see. How can I entice you to join our staff meeting today at 2 pm ET (yep, in one short hour)? Well, the commenters who called us last week were privy to a lengthy brainstorming session, which included some in-office gossip that hasn't even appeared here on the site. And some raised voices, which some of us considered fighting and some of us didn't. If that's at all appealing.

Or for the more conflict-averse among you, let me point out that the previous week's staff meeting included Emily and Lesley Skypily disrobing. And we got some really good ideas and feedback from you both times, as usual.

So if you want to join our meeting today (you can talk to us all you want, or just listen if you are at work and don't want your boss to know what you're doing), all you have to do is tell me what things are like today where you are. For extra bonus points, feel free to include a picture with your comment of whatever it is you're looking at, as I did here. Then wonderful Lori will give you the dial-in info.

PS I just saw a bunch of guys entering a high-rise office building wearing suits with jackets and felt bad for them in this heat and wanted to share that all but one of the dudes were wearing pants that exposed 3 inches of ankle and I am wondering if this is just the acceptable new Thom-Browne-inspired pant length for guys. There was a guy yesterday wearing big wide-leg khakis that were this short and another guy coming out of the gym wearing workout pants that were this short too. Really really? Is this the case where you live too? I find it funny and cute.

PPS An equally un-heat-friendly girl trend I'm still seeing even today = jean shorts with bare legs and unlaced Timberland-style work boots. Feel free to also ramble on below free-association-style as I just did, if anything strikes you.

PPPS Talk to you later!!