Publish date:
November 28, 2012

This has never happened to me before. So much for my knock-off cheapy(though cool-looking) case. What now? Bonus points for anything thatdoesn't require a trip to the Apple store.

Also, do you take care of your things? I always marvel at people whoseshoes look new after months of wearing or whose clothes don't getstained or who don't lose things. What is up with that? Is thatchildhood-trauma-based or what?

I lose everything and always think of it as a lesson in not beingattached to things. I'm sure my employers, who provided me with thisphone, are very thrilled about that.

Speaking of my employers, I had a dream last night starring Dr. Drewand a fictional sidekick of his named Gary or something and we wereall traveling to England where I was meeting with Chris Martin about aproject and Tyler bumped me up to business class and I found out frommy step-dad after I was already in my seat that the ticket cost anextra $40,000. It was a nightmare. The end. (Analyses, please? I knowthe Dr. Drew part is from my huge jealousy over Mandy's time with --and hug from -- the man yesterday.)

My thumb feels like it has a glass shard in it. Maybe you aren'tsupposed to use the phone in this state? It still works though!Goooood morning!