Who wore it better?

Publish date:
October 25, 2011

That wasn't the right headline. I keep thinking: One of These Things is Not Like The Others, but that's not it either. Headline this iPhone photo from a moment ago and I will change it and then love you forever.

Anyhow, my bags are always like excavational digs. I find it fun to randomly come across some reminder of a movie I saw or doctor's visit or whatever when I am looking for some Tums. It reminds me there are other places and things besides what and where I am right now.

So I just went into my bag for gum and pulled this out from the Paleolithic period, a fashion show rundown from how many months ago? I guess what I am looking for here is a headline that expresses the juxtaposition between my beat-up about-to-be-retired Hello Kitty backpack and a glamorous Rodarte show.

Also, what's the grossest thing in your purse/bag right now? If you tell me yours, I will tell you what I just found. Xo