Who Do You Blame for Our New President-Elect?

Publish date:
November 19, 2016
2016 Election

This last week has produced what I think of as the Rorschach/Myers Briggs/Proust-type question of today:

Do you blame yourself for Hillary losing the election?

Though blaming isn't really the important thing, and moving on to mobilize against new elements like the Sessions nomination yesterday is, I still feel like your answer to this question says a lot about your personality. My answer: I very much blame myself and have a list of guilt-sodden reasons why I could have done more. Some people seem confident that they did enough. (Marci, for example. Marci is telling me right now that she voted, argued with a Trump-supporting uncle, tried to vote in Florida but was denied, made sure her mom would push her dad in a wheelchair while recovering from surgery if need be in order to vote for Hillary, etc. "I feel I did what I could," she says. Caitlin is on the guilt trip with me even though she phone banked for Hillary and says, "I was more confrontational than conversational with a lot of Trump supporters, and I don't feel good about that." Dan doesn't blame himself but does blame people who didn't vote AND people who voted third-party.)

Where do you fall on this spectrum? I'm genuinely curious.

P.S. I finally just upgraded to the new iOS on this phone and it is throwing me off and I don't like the way this looks. That's another thing.