Who Needs Mirrors?

What is on your mind today?
Publish date:
January 14, 2014

I had a lot on my mind this morning. Not so much about work, which is going pretty swimmingly and has been so drama-free in the transition to Rebecca coming on board that I am actively looking for a crazy to hire (apply at jane@xojane.com).

I just had an average healthy amount of work issues on my mind coupled with stress about something my daughter is dealing with. I was flustered. Which meant that I touched my chin outside Charlotte's school this morning and scraped off some food from last night that I didn't know was there, because though I had been up for about four hours, I'd forgotten to look in the mirror. Also because I'm a messy eater. And don't wash my face at night. And the mirror in my bathroom is this little one from Ikea that folds out accordion-style from the wall and is about 6 inches across and I don't look in it very often.

It was also the kind of morning where I got to yoga and realized I'd forgotten my pants, but that's not really related to the theme I am trying to muster here.

Which is about mirrors. Did you know that I went on an 8-day white-water rafting trip where, of course, we had no mirrors and this major movie star had boogers stuck under his nose for an entire day but no one would tell him?

Ok, sorry, back to something. I think it is very freeing not to look in mirrors. Let other people tell you or not if you have a booger or last night's dinner on your face, because it is their problem since they are the one looking at it. Like, why doesn't the date who has to look at your face across the table take the time to put the makeup on your face rather than you? Right? And I just found this photo in my phone of when I let my daughter and her friend put on my makeup (no mirror for me) and we went to dinner without me seeing it until I took this picture. Hahahahaheeheeheehee I'm so kooky!

One last thing: my daughter told me something that freaked me out the other day. It's that you will never see your own face. Other people will but you will only ever see it in a mirror or in pictures. Thinking about it is like conceiving of the universe or a new color, or the mind-blowing sex Emily has had. I can't grasp it and that freaks me out.

Enough about me. Can you tell my daughter is very much on my mind today? Who and what is on yours? I'm now all ears. Still a little flustered but listening and want to hear. XO