Who Looks More Tired?

Publish date:
April 12, 2012

Well, this is an obvious one for you. Look at pretty Rebecca, our xoJane UK editor. (I can't remember if they say editrix over here. Oh, I just asked Rebecca and she says yes. Cool.) We are both sleep-deprived today for self-inflicted though separate reasons. No infants or illnesses to blame it on or anything. Not jet-lag either, unless I could make a claim for my jet-lag kicking in on day 5 of my trip. I promise never to show you such a bad photo of me again. Well, until the next time I do. Anyway, want to guess why we are both dragging today, why we were both up at 3 am? Hers is a good British reason. Mine an "I'm neurotic" reason. And how was your last night?