While we are talking about head-kissing

Publish date:
March 2, 2012

And because I can't show you my current emails because of some lame thing called libel (waaaah!), I am sticking with the theme of this morning and showing you the photo in front of me where I am kissing my daughter on the head, taken by my beautiful friend Linda Friedman.

This morning when I kissed this now-9-year-old's head, she pushed me away -- she was mad at me about something else -- and I started to cry and actually kind of coaxed the tears out (WORST Mom IN THE WORLD-style) so she would know how much she'd hurt me and how wrong she was for being mad at me about the other thing. This is truly embarrassing to admit and it sucks when you behave in a way you wouldn't want your child to emulate (kind of like the time she saw me chugging out of a bottle of scotch, totally upended bottoms-up perpendicular-like), no? No? Help!