In Which I Did Not Face Expulsion

Publish date:
August 2, 2012

Leaving Orlando and still loving the graphic nature and specificity of
all these Do Not symbols, especially the throwing up one and the
expectant mothers one that shows the silhouette lady in the A-line
dress with a white circle on her mid-section and a mini-silhouette
full-grown person inside the circle.

Char and I tried to mimic the symbols from every sign while here --
like the guy shaking his hands and legs and head wildly outside of the
roller coaster car -- oh, what rebels.

I had something funny to say but it went from my wiped and happy
brain. I will come back and write it when it comes to me. I hope you
are enjoying life at this moment too and feel free to share with me
your equally deep thoughts from the past couple of days.