In Which I Address My Intimacy Issues While Playing A Game With 8-Year-Olds

Publish date:
March 14, 2011
parenting, family drama, jane's stuff

I claimed to pick the first option, like my daughter and all of the other players, but was actually thinking that would drive me crazy and that I could cope with choice number two as I have dealt with lack of human contact for large chunks of my life and been okay with it.

Now this is coming from childhood sexual inappropriacy/abuse (I will describe it and you can label it if you want), but I pretended to be normal and made the healthy (though dishonest) choice along with the rest of my young team-mates.

[This and the previous post were tests of how my posts would read if I wrote them while pretending to be fully engaged with my daughter in whatever activity we were doing at the time, in this case a game that's supposed to spur conversation and, I guess, increase intimacy. Wow, I really failed on both multi-tasking counts.]