What's Your Lucky Number?

Publish date:
June 28, 2012

My hangnails and I say, "Good-bye and thank you, London!"One of the highlights, for sure, was meeting so many UK readers of xoJane, both the US and infinitesimally-classier UK editions. I got so much great feedback and loved to hear you and see you in the flesh. A few of you I actually recognized from your disqus avatars, which may be a sign I could stand to get a life, but that's life.So what other cities shall we meet up in next?And, randomly but I'm curious, what's your lucky number? Mine's 11, not the number on this card from the launch party's magician last night. Which makes my lucky number question to you even more random. (Note: magician had a trick where women were asked to look for the card in the left side of their bra, and keep looking and looking, just to get them to feel themselves up. So British, no?)

Ok, on my way to the airport. Keeping this card as a reminder of a fun fun time. Leaving the false eyelashes behind.