What's Your Favorite Super-Juicy Non-Fiction Book?

Help me find a good vacation book and I will love you forever.
Publish date:
July 25, 2013

Well, I'm going on vacation next week. Another intimate romanticgetaway with Charlotte.

You may recall that I haven't read a book of fiction in maybe 20years? But I love anything nonfiction, as long as it's juicy. My momteases me that my bookshelf (here it is in all its messy glory) hasmore "as told to" books on it than anything else.

I could really use your help though. This week I've been on Amazon, intwo or three different bookstores, and have googled best nonfiction of2013 about five times. But I'm coming up with nothing I'm dying toread during this semi-rare instance when I actually will have time toread a book or two.

On my last vacation, thanks to your brilliant suggestion, I devouredthat Lawrence Wright book, Going Clear, which I had previouslydismissed as too dry and with not enough celebrity dirt in it. Boy,was I wrong! Thank you!

It doesn't have to be a recent book either. Any ideas for me? Please?I will go buy them today and so appreciate you.

PS Just because this is beach reading DOES NOT mean that the subject matter has to be light. Murders, family dysfunction, drugs and all of that are more than welcome.