What, You Don't Want My Coxsackie?

Publish date:
November 26, 2012
health issues, coxsackie

Note Tyler trying to get me not to come in to work today. Well, I did anyway, one week post-first symptoms. Is that terribly terrible and selfish of me? I am being really careful not to get near anyone and not to touch anything that anyone else touches and doing my best (as we all always are with what is available to us at the time, of course), just in case I'm still contagious with this virus. Emily is bravely even working out of my office with me right now ('cause we have fun). I miss hugging people but will get back to it soon enough.

Congrats to commenter Trybecca for the correct diagnosis!

(I expect hate for my actions today, so really, feel free. I will explain in a moment why I felt particularly compelled to come in today.)

Happy P.S. Emily just looked it up and informed me that Coxsackie is spread through unwashed hands and feces, so as long as no one kisses my butt today, we should be fine! I am even washing my hands in excitement! Ok, back to work. Oh, this is work. Lucky me. How are you?