What we do in the office when I'm not eating sugar

Publish date:
January 23, 2012

I am doing this raw food thing (report on that to come). Bryan is doing it too. It is day one and he is not nearly as cranky about the lack of sugar as I am. The only ways to cope with this frustration that I can imagine are yoga or masturbation, not in that order. I'm in the office and, though I wouldn't put it past me to do the second one here, have a glass wall and that could be considered sexual harrassment maybe? So here I am with Eric doing yoga moves while the WAY TOO COLLECTED Bryan calmly takes this picture with my phone.

PS Fashion-Director-At-Large Eric (in his past-season Prada sweater which he compares to the current men's Burberry show sweaters) calls his look for the day: "Second-rate Jefferson Hack." I don't expect you to understand that PS at all. Gumballs, sour-patch kids, Skittles, NOW!