What Should I Wear To Yoga?

Publish date:
December 19, 2011
Jane, yoga, Cat Marnell

First of all, you know I'm not into the word "should." Moving on...

I'm going straight to yoga from the office and don't have anything other than "office" clothes with me, so I pulled this top out of Cat's drawer (she won't mind) along with some hot pink short shorts. The top is a lot sparklier than it looks here and has a t-back. The other bottoms option is what you see here: the lovingly hand-dyed-by-our-own-Madeline-and-Olivia tights. They have warned me that the dye may come off with sweat.

On the other hand, Christina Kelly (one of my favorite name-drops) is in the office today and has been doing yoga more than a decade longer than I have and burst out laughing when I held up the shorts get-up. "But you can wear whatever you want in yoga, right?" I pleaded as she said yes and kept laughing. Which would you choose for me to be inappropriate, as usual, in? Thank you!