What Should I Trash?

Which, if any, of these goofy coats should I keep around?
Publish date:
October 12, 2012

So now, thanks to you all and your awesome advice (and awesomeness in general, awesomeness being my word of the day), I have demetrius earth all over my apartment and sprays and have been wearing the same clothes for a few days while I bag stuff up and do what I HOPE is the right procedure for getting rid of these little bed-bug monsters. (It was funny, because I was trying to be all Buddhist about the bed bugs and then you were cackling gleefully in the comments about this stuff that they eat that shreds them from the inside out and I just cracked up. I still can't get into a me versus them mindset, which may be my downfall -- we'll see.)

So look at these coats I've been hanging onto without wearing for god knows how long and tell me which to trash of the four and which to dryclean and keep. If you were me.

PS My recurring nightmare, ever since I went to boarding school at 15 with only my trunks of clothes and ZERO FRIENDS or family, is losing my luggage. I think that possibly because of that, I keep manifesting it over and over and have had an inordinate number of experiences where I have had to let go of my clothes and other belongings -- from fiberglass poisoning to theft to whatever. I am ready to get past this, all these years later. I'm focusing on the freedom of letting go and it is helping. Love you love you.