What Would You Do With A Bag Of Weed You Found?

And teach me how to say "weed" without sounding like a total poser.
Publish date:
June 4, 2014

What synchronicity that I ran into this guy after finding a bag of pot and just about to ask y'all what to do with it.

What happened: I found a bag of pot in the stairwell and am wondering what to do with it. Much as you have encouraged it, I don't smoke it it, but didn't want to throw it away. Emily suggested I put up a picture of it on "Found" flyers around the neighborhood. But really, what should I do? What would you do?

ALSO, since I am including this embarrassing video, don't I sound like such an old fart when I say "the weed"? Ugh! Reminds me of when xoJaners gave me a hard time for saying "intercourse" on Access Hollywood that last time.

ALSO, the bag doesn't look at all like it did back when I used to partake in this stuff. It has a label with all this very specific information on it about what it works best for, what time of day to smoke it, etc. Is this that legal (in some places) stuff?

ANYWAY. What should I do with this find of mine? The most honest/creative/ unusual answer gets the big prize of the praise and up-votes of your peers here. You can also call into our staff meeting today. Woohoo! School me!

PS I gave this guy $5 for letting me film him but did not give him the pot. So giving it to him would be one option.