What My Hair Said I Needed/Free Marc Jacobs Perfume

Publish date:
September 9, 2011
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The winner of my new bottle of Marc Jacobs perfume is Disqus commentor, Decox! Congrats, Decox, for guessing that I was pulling out hairs to be tested (by my holistic doc) -- I think to look for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as well as heavy metals. I wasn't really sure what she was testing for, to tell you the truth; I just trust her and she told me to pluck out five hairs at the root and mail them to her along with any supplements I was taking. I'm not sick, just like to feel/be as healthy as possible. Please note that I didn't really make Bryan pluck the hairs, just thought it was a funny picture and a way to introduce my new assistant. I pluck my own hairs, tyvm. I will however, ask Bryan to mail you the Marc Jacobs perfume. Email him at bryan@xojane.com with your address. Thanks everyone for playing. PS I can't take the Poly-Resveratrol unfortunately 'cause it makes me too tired. Taking the other three daily (Monolaurin, Zinlori and SF-734).