What Have You Not Accomplished Today?

Publish date:
August 29, 2013

Yay! Me neither!

I can't forget (because who can forget criticism? how would one do that? I want to learn) that the last time I showed you my calendar, someone commented on how lax my schedule was, how I had a breakfast meeting and then no meetings on my lazy schedule until the lazy hour of 10 am or something.

Well, here is my full disclosure about what I haven't done so far on this unproductive day:

Got up at 7:30 so I would have time to read the paper in the sauna before showering.



Leisurely taxi ride into office where I only told the driver a quicker route one time rather than my usual obnoxious three or four or five times.

Come into office and start the workday my always-favorite way: don't even make it down the hall to my office but stop first in the clubhouse to say hi to Olivia, Emily (did you read her recent story yet? I mean, how good is it? it makes me cry and so proud of her) and Madeline.

Put down my backpack, sit on the couch and start analyzing texts Olivia got from some guy last night. Spend about ten minutes reading and analyzing, then transition over to looking at pictures of Madeline's ex on Facebook.

Another fifteen good minutes of talk talk talk about relationships with these guys and Annie and Corynne when they wander in and out. Comment on everyone's outfits. Ask the room whether this vegan strip club in Portland I heard about only serves vegan food and drinks or whether being a vegan strip club means the strippers are also vegan. (What do you think, by the way?)

Try to turn these conversations into something that can somehow sometime appear on xoJane or xoVain. Give up after a minute.

Write about this to you on my phone.

Hey, it's noon! What have you not done with your day so far?