What Happens When Anna Wintour Tries To Steal Your Employee

Plus a giveaway: FREE BOOTS!
Publish date:
October 15, 2013

I have known Anna for years and she has never tried to steal anything from me and if she did, I would consider it a high compliment. But I did have a dream last night that Anna was trying to coax our Annie to go to Vogue. So I woke up and wrote Annie about it, of course, copying Corynne and Emily, because I knew they would understand why that was actually a NIGHTMARE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.So here's another reason to love this girl: she sends us all this invitation to a meeting to discuss this dream -- an all-day meeting, naturally. Hahahahahaha, I love her and Anna had better keep her HANDS OFF!Ok, now if you have stuck with me this far, and actually followed the story that ended with me laughing so hard when I got this invite (and of course we all RSVPed yes), you deserve something. So I have just the thing!Remember those red boots I asked you about the other day? Well, I took your good counsel and will NOT be wearing them, which means that one of you gets them.So if you want me (Lori) to send you these lovely sock-like-but-pricey boots, just tell me below what you will wear them with and why you won't sell them on EBay. Then we will mail them off to you!Ok, back to my all-day praise-a-thon. How's your day?