What else Eric and I really do at fashion shows

Publish date:
February 13, 2012

He helps me remember names, 'cause I always remember people but rarely names (as I've said). In this case, I did already know Linda's and Cindi's -- a rarity. And yes, Cindi and I like to air-make out, even though

she is pro-engagement chicken

and I want the kind to never make a guy propose to me ever in all my long life (which actually, Cindi told me before the show just now, is the kind of chicken she makes. Score! I want that recipe!).

PS Maybe it would be easier for me not to say people's names, but to say a warm "hi" and leave it at that? I do think there is something so nice about saying someone's name though.

PPS I cut this off so as not to give away a Big Trade Secret for a new gallery we are putting together, which we hope you will be part of. We are always always thinking of you. (I mean, like, emails throughout the night style.) Can you tell we are obsessed with you? And which kind of chicken do you like to make? (Your easiest Jane-proof recipes welcome.) xo