What Do You Want To Know?

Publish date:
December 26, 2013

As you can see here, I have a businesslike attitude about negativepress. And I have never thought I was a good writer (I think I'vewritten a few paragraphs in my life that are meaningful to people.)But this Gawker post today also says something about me not revealingenough about myself to you all.

It has me wanting your opinion (as often). I know I have told youabout miscarriages, my broken engagement, peeing in my pants on theway to the office bathroom, drinking vodka out of my desk drawer, myold boyfriend Mark Ruffalo (and other famous exes), mydepression/anxiety, and my current intestinal parasites. (I will goback and add links here when I'm not standing over my throwing-updaughter who just fell asleep, giving me time to write this on myphone.)

So: Do you really want me to reveal MORE??! Cause I will. Or would youprefer way less? I'd love to know from you and won't be offendedeither way.

Caveat: I try to be cautious when other people are involved in mystories, including my daughter, family, friends, coworkers. I try notto tell other people's stories (and feel proud about keeping somesecrets for years that would sell tons of magazines). But what do youthink? Or do you just not care? Xoxx

Yours in inanity, Jane