What do you think when bird droppings land on your head?

Publish date:
March 13, 2012

On the way into a day of work meetings, in my case (if that makes a difference in your answer)? I think yippie-yi-yay, I'm going to have good luck today, thank you bird, thank you universe, and I can't wait to tell people this happened. What's your reaction? Anyone with me on this?

Bear in mind, while losing my virginity, I was thinking that I couldn't wait to go call my friend Cindy and tell her I'd done it. So I go way back with the immediate urge to spill about my experiences thing, sometimes the telling of it trumping the actual experience.

Also, every time bird droppings land on my head, I am reminded of a dinner in LA with Jimmy Fallon, Billy Crudup and Mary-Louise Parker at a little table under a tree where this kept happening throughout the dinner and we were laughing about how different our four reactions were to it. I'm also reminded of when this happened to me for I think the first time while leaving my house on the way to school as a kid and there was no time to go back and clean it off. I didn't feel lucky then, so I must have learned later that this means good luck. And if you think something's lucky, then it is, right-y-o?

Ah, tell me your stories. Also, I could probably use a new backpack.