What Do You Really Do When You "Work" From Home?

Publish date:
January 9, 2014

It was too cold in our offices today, so we were all instructed towork from home. Which we are all excited about for our own reasons.

Madeline told me yesterday that while she works from home, she watchesLifetime TV movies, "The Chew" and "Kelly and Michael." Marci watchesold episodes of Dr. Phil on OWN.

Olivia was a little bummed we weren't in today, because yesterday washer first day back in the office with us all, so I told her she couldcome here to my apartment if she wanted, to keep from getting lonely,but she bribed closer-by freelance friends with food and cableinstead.

Lesley always works from home (except next week when she's at HQ withthe rest of us -- yay!), so every day is a NON-STOP DANCE PARTY forher. "When I did work in an office, I couldn't have my music veryloud, and headphones were out because I needed to hear my phone and mycoworkers," she just wrote me. "NO LONGER THOUGH. I AM THE VOLUMEMASTER NOW."

Mandy keeps cable news on in the background, which calms her while sheworks. Like mimicking a newsroom. Lori has already changed her sheetsand curtains today (I didn't know people changed curtains and nowwonder how often other people change their sheets) in between verypromptly returning all of my emails. Emily takes secret naps.

Our new girl Rebecca takes the opportunity to run mid-morning asopposed to 7 AM when she usually has to get up in order to run, makebreakfast, pack school lunch, shower, look presentable (which shedoes!), and get son to school on time. Also, she naps at 3.

I snack a lot and am making this goofball expression to go with thefact that I just ate a yogurt with an expiration date of October 8(2013). It tasted fine. Do you think that's a problem? And back to thebigger question here, what do you sneakily or not sneakily do when youare working or studying at home?

Obviously some people do less G-rated activities All Day Long whenthey have the chance. So don't be afraid to share those examples justbecause my staff answered my question via group email (since we areall home) and, I think that's why, decided to paint themselves as suchhighly upstanding citizens here.