What do you do to "Wait until supper?"

Publish date:
January 7, 2012

I'm out of town, as we (the NON-ROYAL we) know. I'm waiting for my "colleagues" (funny word that doesn't fit anyone I've ever worked with) for dinner. I'm so hungry. I love to eat. I'd rather eat good food. We are going to a restaurant, presumably. It is late. I don't like to wreck my appetite if better food is coming. Man, I like food. Man. Right now I'm eating pop rocks and jelly beans that I was planning to give my daughter upon my return tomorrow. Ah, she doesn't need them. What do you eat when you are waiting for dinner?

PS I grew up never wasting any food and only went out for dinner (pizza) very very infrequently.

PPS I know this isn't a real problem. It's a carefree problem. But tips would be helpful!

PPPS If you have nothing better to do, look at my dirty fingernail and old funny mug-shotty license picture.